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Introducing MPB

The festive season is nearly upon us (2021, where did you go?!) and I’m delighted to be partnering with MPB to bring you a gift guide for the photographer in your life. For those who are new to MPB, let me explain… They are an online platform where you can buy and sell used photography and videography equipment.

Founded in 2011, MPB’s aim has always been to make photography more accessible, affordable, and sustainable. Buying and selling used kit is much easier on the planet – and your wallet. When I first started getting into photography the first barrier was the price of camera kit. Buying a ‘proper’ camera and a pro lens (not just one that came with the camera!) was a huge step for me and buying used made it much more affordable. Every piece of kit sold on MBP is carefully inspected by specialists and comes with a six-month warranty so you know you’re in safe hands.

Gifts for Photographers

One of my most frequently asked questions over on Instagram is “what camera do you use?” The answer is always the same – my beloved Olympus PEN-F with a combination of lenses. Olympus make the most beautiful cameras (it shouldn’t matter but it does!) and they’re great for beginners. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who’s keen to get into photography, I would really recommend taking a look at Olympus. Their cameras tend to be a more compact format than traditional DSLRs which makes them perfect for blogging or lifestyle photography.

Below are some of my favourite Olympus bodies and lenses, just click the links to shop directly on

Olympus Cameras

My first camera was an Olympus PEN E-PL3 (many moons ago!) They’re a firm favourite with bloggers and Instagrammers and the E-PL10 would make a fantastic gift for the person in you’re life who’s ready to graduate from their smartphone camera.

Olympus Lenses

The 17mm and 45mm 1.8 are my two ‘must have’ lenses – they’ll cover everything from landscapes, flatlays, outfit shots, street photography… If you’re buying for someone who shoots with Olympus and is still on a kit lens, one (or both!) of these lenses would make them very happy indeed. I also recommend the Olympus M.Zuiko ED 12-40mm f/2.8 Pro if you’re really looking to spoil someone or upgrade your own kit!

Photography Gifts & Accessories

As well as cameras and lenses, MPB also stocks a wide range of photography and videography accessories. From GoPros to memory cards, there’s something for every budget. You’re bound to find something for the photographer in your life. Are they keen on making Instagram reels and TikToks? A GoPro is an amazing present, or perhaps a smartphone gimbal so they can achieve that perfect smooth transition. Personally, I’m hoping that a drone might find its way into my kit this Christmas—MPB have a huge selection to choose from and used drones are definitely a bit more budget-friendly!

A tripod is another fantastic gift idea for photographers. MPB stock a huge range but I’ll link the one I use below (it’s the best for flatlays as it has a central column that swings around for top-down photos). Still unsure? You really can’t go wrong with a gorgeous camera bag, somewhere to safely store all their prized gear.

My recommendations:

I really hope that gives you some ideas for what to buy the photographer in your life as a gift this festive season. Whatever your budget and their experience level, has something for everyone. Read more about them and their ethos here.

Happy browsing!

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