An Autumnal Walk to the Falls of Acharn

Scotland is slowly but surely going golden. But Perthshire was a little ahead of the game when we visited in September. The towering trees were showing more than a hint of their autumnal colours and golden leaves scattered in the wind.

Autumnal trees at the Falls of Acharn

While staying nearby at Taymouth Marina (more about that here!) I was desperate to go on a long countryside ramble. A nice walk in the fresh air is always what I crave after too long in the city. A Google or two later and we settled on the circular route up to the Falls of Acharn. We parked in the tiny (adorable) village of Acharn and followed the signs to the falls.

We went at golden hour, just as the sun was setting. The light was so beautiful and you get such a gorgeous view of Loch Tay as you walk up the hill. It’s quite steep but the ground is solid and there are plenty of picturesque places to stop and admire the view (read: catch your breath!)

View of Loch Tay from the Falls of Acharn walk
Ferns at golden hour
A spider's web at golden hour
Falls of Acharn walk

A little bit further up the hill, you should come across a wooden sign pointing to a viewing platform. We chose to ignore this as you can actually reach the platform more easily on the way back down!

Falls of Acharn circular route
Hermit's Cave, Falls of Acharn

You’ll soon see a sign pointing to the Hermit’s Cave. This (sadly artificial!) stone-built cave was built in the 1700s by the 3rd Earl of Breadalbane to lend an element of drama to the falls! The cave is quite dark inside so take care. We took the path to the left which leads out to a balcony and an incredible view of the Falls of Acharn.

The Falls of Acharn

Our arrival interrupted two red squirrels who were busy scampering about the trees, nibbling on nuts. Red squirrels are still fairly rare in Scotland and it was such a treat to see these wee ones enjoying their woodland home!

Girl wearing a hat at Acharn Falls
Red squirrel in a tree
Red squirrel in a tree

Then, as the sun set and last of the light started to fade, we scampered our way back down the hill… (take the other exit in the cave so you don’t go back down the way you came!)

Autumn, I am so ready for you!

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